Summer abroad program in Strasbourg, France

Exploring the European construction and European identities at the center of political Europe.

CEPA Europe, together with East Carolina University, would like to invite your students to study abroad this summer in Strasbourg, France. The program is open to all undergraduate college and university students wishing to earn credits in History, Political Science and/or French.

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Summer is the perfect time for your students to connect their classroom learnings to “real world” settings without missing a semester.


Program Dates: June 22 – July 20 (29 days)

What’s included:

  • 2 courses – 6 credit hours
  • 27 nights at the CEPA study center, Château de Pourtalès, in Strasbourg (pictured on top) and 2 nights in Brussels
  • Daily breakfast and 5 dinners
  • Visits to Brussels, Luxembourg, Waterloo, Frankfurt, Heidelberg as well as in and around Strasbourg
  • Public transportation passes


  • FORL 2700. Special Topics in French or Francophone Literature (3):
    This course will focus on the city of Strasbourg, its history, its present, and its role as a European capital. Instruction will be divided between physical exploration of the city and readings chosen to inform students understanding of the cultural fabric of the city. It will also explore its culture: French, Alsatian, European and cosmopolitan, as a point of entry to explore issued linked to the European integration and contemporary France.

Course is equivalent to: HIST 3445 – Modern France, 1815-present

  • FORL 4700. Special Topics in Foreign Languages and Literatures (3):
    This class will examine on site the European construction 70 years after the end of World War II. We will take advantage of our location in Strasbourg to visit key European sites important to Europe such as; the Heidelberg Castle and institutions in Strasbourg, Brussels, Luxembourg, and Frankfurt.

Course is equivalent to: HIST 3435 – History of Europe Since 1914 OR POLS 3232 – The European Union

Students with the necessary credential in French can also elect to take that class as a FREN 3700/4700 class.

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Nicolas Médevielle
Dept. Foreign Languages & Literatures
Office: Bate 3301

Faculty-led programs focusing on environmental sustainability

Natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and engineering disciplines

The constantly rising demand for energy, global warming as well as air and water pollution are only some of the challenges today’s decision makers are confronted with. Therefore, it’s essential to have well-educated and trained professionals who are able to examine the multidisciplinary aspects of environmental issues in order to develop sustainable solutions.

Through a faculty-led program, your students can apply their classroom learning on environmental sustainability to a global context. They will better understand the complexity and opportunities while experiencing first-hand sustainable principles and solutions on a local, national, and global level.

Let’s work together on an interdisciplinary, safe, and sustainable program!

Programs can focus on topics, such as:

  • Agricultural Practices in The Netherlands
  • Sustainability and Leadership in Europe
  • Environmental Sustainability in Germany and Denmark
  • Urban & Regional Planning in Europe
  • European Environmental Studies focusing on Forestry
  • Global Energy Perspectives in London, Paris and Vienna
  • Sustainable Development in the European Union

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Big Data and Cloud Computing

Featured faculty-led program in Asia

With China’s ever growing population, expanding megacities, and the largest user rate in the world, China generates an enormous stream of data daily. Big Data processing is becoming more and more widely used in industry and business. Companies in China are moving fast to store, analyze, and gain knowledge from that data in order to expand their competitive advantage in the global economy.

Start planning a faculty-led program in Asia to help your students better understand the power and complexities in the world of Big Data. It will provide your students with first-hand learning experiences and opportunities to get an insight into major technologies and applications that are driving the Big Data revolution.

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This program itinerary is supposed to serve as an idea and can be customized entirely to your course content and learning goals. We will do our best to design an itinerary matching your specifications at an affordable price. All faculty-led programs are organized exclusively for your group.

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